Random Access Memory RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) It is a type of memory and used to store data.A processor can access its individual memory cell in any sequence. It is called Volatile memory Temporary memory Primary memory We have already discussed volatile, temporary memory…
Ubiquitous computing

Ubiquitous Computing. This concept is not new but now it is getting famous.It is taking us in the world of automation.Before getting its concept, you need to clear that What is a computer? Here we will discuss the basic definition of the computer.
Number system conversion

Number System The number system is a method to count or calculate something.In our daily life, we are using the different type of number system.The most common number system is decimal number system.Some number systems are the octal number system,…
T1 and E1 Lines

E1 and T1 Lines E1 and T1 standards are basically introduced for voice communication.both are using TDM for frame formation.In this video, we will discuss the digital transmission, its advantages, and disadvantages.Basic concept about Modulation, Multiplexing, and PCM is already discussed.
Microsoft Excel Video # 10

Microsoft Excel Now Microsoft Excel video # 10 is in front of you.In this video, I m going to discuss multiple small formulas. Sumif Averageif Countif Index Match Choose Hlookup All these are small formulas but very important for your…