Basic Networking Video # 2

Types of Network

Networks are divided into two main categories:

Local area networks (LANs)

wide area networks (WANs).

LocalArear Network

A local area network (LAN) is usually privately owned and links the devices in a single office, building, or campus.A LAN can be as simple as two PCs and a printer in someone’s home office; or it can extend throughout a company and include audio and video peripherals.A LAN allows resources to share locally

Wide Area Network

A wide area network (WAN) provides long-distance transmission of data over large geographic areas that may be a country, a continent, or even the whole world.A WAN is much complex and two or more LANs are connected each other. It use public or leased lines.

Some Other Types

MAN Metropolitan area network.
PAN Personal area network.
VPN Virtual Private Network.

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