Mobile Broadband for everyone

In 2015, there were 3.6 billion mobile broadband subscriptions worldwide, corresponding to a penetration rate of less than 50% of world population.

We expect mobile broadband subscriptions to more than double from now to 2021, adding 4.1 billion new connections worldwide, which of course represent a great potential for mobile operators.

To support operators in fulfilling the vision of mobile broadband for everyone Ericsson is presenting three solutions for 3G coverage.

Performance, Efficiency and Innovation

  1. WCDMA Flow of Users – 2X improved performance – allows operators to maintain an optimal flow of smartphone users through a WCDMA/HSPA network. It uses a defined selection of software features and settings to automatically balance active user count and consumer experience. As a result, operators can maximize smartphone user experience, even during busy traffic-load conditions, while ensuring high-quality voice services.
  2. Zero Touch WCDMA – 3X increased efficiency – will substantially lower operations cost through the simplification of network operations that it brings. It is built on the concept of Flow of Users – but we industrialize this with defining a Gold Standard.
  3. Mobile Broadband Expander with Intelligent Antenna Sharing – 60% TCO savings – Ericsson unique innovations that will drastically lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and simplify how we can expand WCDMA/HSPA by enabling antenna reuse between existing GSM sites and new WCDMA equipment, as well as reuse of site power, microwave and transport infrastructure.

Information Src : Ericsson

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