Mobile Data …

Mobile Data …

Last month I got the text message: “You’ve used about 90% of your data. Extra data for this cycle is $15 per 1GB.”
You don’t have to be a telecom expert to figure out what’s happened. Bigger, more powerful smartphones and video-heavy websites and social media feeds have us chewing through more data than ever. And it’s getting worse. Today, U.S. smartphones use 3 to 4 gigabytes a month. By 2019, according to Ericsson, they will consume five times that.

A website that used 5MB to load in Safari took half as much data to load in Opera Mini and Chrome with data saving enabled. Instead of loading the entire site, they load portions of it while decreasing photo quality. You can reduce the load of websites in Safari, too, by using a content blocker like Purify. But that requires an additional app—and an ethical debate about ad blocking.Facebook, Twitter and Safari are my biggest data hoovers.In Facebook and Twitter, I disabled auto-playing videos on mobile. In Snapchat, I enabled Travel Mode, so it won’t automatically download video and photos in new stories from people I follow. Many popular apps offer similar settings.

Maybe you’ve heard of so-called unlimited plans. They’re not always the best value, and despite the name, your speeds can be slowed when you hit a certain amount. For real peace of mind, you’re going to want Wi-Fi.

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