Binary System and ALU Logic Operation

Binary system and ALU Logic Operation YouTube Analog Value Analog quantity has continuous values.Most of the things in nature appear in analog form. Temperature never goes from 30 to 31 instantly.It takes infinite steps. If we draw a graphical representation,…
Introduction to Computing

Introduction to Computing YouTube     What is Computer Computer is an electronic device that perform computing Operates under the control of instructions (Software) Accept data as input. Manipulate data as per instructions. Generates information   Fast Computer can process…
Computer Ports

Computer Ports Computer ports or Motherboard I/O interfaces are used to connect external devices to the computer. These interfaces are mostly located on the back side of the motherboard. Number of Interfaces depends on the size of Motherboard and technology used.
WiFi Wireless Fidelity

WiFi Wireless Fidelity. Wireless Fidelity WiFi. Project 802. WiFi benefits. CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA. Working. Evolution. Network Element or Hardware. Architecture. EM Wave properties. Hotspot / Wireless zone. Topology or Operating mode. How to setup WiFi.
Line Coding

Line Coding Line coding a technique to convert digital data into a digital signal. In our last video Pulse Code Modulation, we learn that how to convert any analog signal into digital bits.Now if we want to send these bit over…
Random Access Memory RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) It is a type of memory and store data. A processor can access its individual memory cell in any sequence. It is: Volatile memory. Temporary memory. Primary memory. We have already discussed volatile, temporary memory and primary…
Storage Devices

Storage Devices Storage devices are used to save data in a computer.In this video, we are going to learn some more information about storage device.We will cover following definitions