What is Hoverboard???

What is Hoverboard???

Hoverboard or self-balancing boards or self-balancing scooter all are the names of a most popular toy in the world.they are little harder to find in local markets.

This term was invented from the movie “ Back to the future “.Term hover mean “remaining in air”.Hoverboard is not actually hover,it uses two wheels to roll over the ground. But the the people adopted the term Hoverboard due to the movie.

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The most important function of this scooter is to balance the rider with the help of microprocessor.rider has to control the movement of this scooter with the help of feet and legs. Hoverboards have two pressure-sensitive foot pads that control your speed and allow you to steer with your feet. The boards begin moving when you step on, which makes them tricky to mount and dismount. Because there is no handle to steady yourself, getting your balance can be tough and it’s easy to fall off while you get used to the board. You’ll use your core to keep yourself balanced and also feel the burn in your calves and feet, since the muscles in those areas help you steer.

Riding any kind of vehicle, whether it’s a skateboard, bicycle or hoverboard, can put you at risk for injury. Hoverboards can reach a maximum speed of around 10 mph, so you could sustain a more substantial injury than you would falling off a slower-moving skateboard.


Hoverboards have minimum and maximum weight limits but no height limits associated with the boards. Children under the weight limit for these hoverboards will have trouble riding, since the scooters won’t detect their weight and won’t balance correctly.Hoverboards are challenging but fun to ride.

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