Characteristics Of Data Communication System

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Characteristics of Data communication system | Communication system fundamentals


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Characteristics Of Data Communication  system

Data communication is the exchange of data between two devices by using transmission medium (Wire or Wireless). The effectiveness of a data communications system depends on some fundamental factors:

  • delivery 
  • accuracy
  • Timeliness
  • Jitter
  • Error detection & Correction


System must deliver the data to the correct destination. (MAC address, IP Address)


The system must deliver the data accurately.  Altered data is unusable.


In the case of video and audio, late delivery is useless. Communication system must deliver data in a timely manner. Timely means delivering data without any delay (real-time transmission).


Variation in the packet arrival time. It is the delay in the delivery of audio or video data packets. an uneven quality in the video is the result.

Error Detection & Correction:

  • Parity check
  • Checksum
  • CRC

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