Components of Data Communication

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Data Communication

Data communication is the exchange of information/data between two devices by using some transmission medium such as a cable or air. Communication is the sharing of information locally or remotely.

Components of Data Communication

Data communications system has five key elements / components

Message, Transmitter, Receiver, Medium, Protocol


Message is the data / information to be communicated.

Text, numbers, pictures, audio, and video.

Transmitter / Source

Device that generates & sends the message.  a transmitter Sender transforms the data  in such a way that can be transmitted over a communication system.

●Computer. ●Mobile phone. ●Video camera.


Device that receives  the message & transforms the data  in such a way that can be read by the destination device.

●Computer. ●Mobile phone. ●Video camera.

Transmission medium

Physical path between sender and receiver by which a message travels. ●Twisted-pair cable. ●Coaxial cable. ●fiber-optic cable. ●Radio waves.


Protocol is a set of rules that govern data communications.

Devices connected by hardware will not communicate without any protocol.


Video Source # 2

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