Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test

1Mb connection = 128 KB

2Mb connection = 128*2 =256KB

3Mb connection = 128*3 =384KB

4Mb connection = 128*4 =512KB

These values are theoretical and for practical value,you should reduce these values about 10%

for 1Mb connection =128 –10% =115.2 KB

2Mb connection =256 –10% =230 KB

115.5 KB and 230 KB are practical values for your 1Mb and 2Mb connections.

Now problem is this how to check speed?

We will test it by using two methods.

Do one thing before testing,close all internet related applications like downloading ,internet streaming ,Windows updates and etc.

1-You can check it by using online SPEED TEST tool(It will show you speed in Mb)

2-By downloading multiple files (video,software and etc)at the same times from multiple sites (not from one site). It will show u downloading speed of different files in KB. You have to add all theses values for a combine downloading speed.

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