IT Infrastructure

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Information Technology IT infrastructure refers to the composite required to deliver IT services to its employees withing organization. These components include hardware, software, networking devices, operating system, servers and IT administrator.

IT has become more important to modern life. Globalization presents new challenges for IT administrators. When properly configured, IT infrastructure can be optimized to create efficiencies and increase productivity.

Components of IT Infrastructure

A standard IT infrastructure consists of the following key components:

  • Router move packets between source and destination by connecting multiple networks. A router receives and sends data on computer networks.
  • Switches facilitate the sharing of resources by connecting together all the devices, including computers, printers, and servers, in a small business network. A switch contains several ports physically to connect other network devices.
  • Transmission media is a pathway to carry the information / data from source to destination. Data is transmitted in the form of electrical signals. Transmission media is classified into two groups.

    Wired media
    Wireless media

  • Computer is a device which takes data, process it and produce output.
  • Server is a computing machine used to provide services to other computers. Servers allow multiple users to access and share resources. 
  • Operating system It is a software used to control the hardware of a computing machine.
    60 to 70% server uses Linux operating system
    80 % Client machines use Windows operating system
    90 % Mobile devices use android operating system
  • IT Administrator is a person who manage IT infrastructure. Multiple IT certifications from different vendors are required to configure network devices.

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