Multiplexing is a technique which allows sending multiple signals over a single data link. In simple words, Sharing of the medium between multiple signals.


What is Multiplexing (MUX)?
What is Demultiplexing?
MUX types.
FDM Frequency division MUX.
TDM Time division MUX.
WDM wavelength division MUX.
CDM Code division MUX


It is reverse order of mux. one into many patterns.
Multiplexer. It is a device that combines multiple signals into one signal.
Demultiplexer. It is a device that separates the multiplexed signal.

FDM Frequency Division Mux.

FDM is an analog multiplexing technique. Every input signal is modulated with a carrier frequency to change its characteristics (Frequency).

TDM Time division Mux.

TDM is a digital mux technique. Every transmitter is assigned a time slot to transmit its signal. We have already discussed its application in E1 and T1 lines.
Synchronous TDM
Asynchronous TDM

WDM Wavelength division mux.

It is an analog technique.It combines multiple wavelengths of an optical signal to transmit in a single optical fiber. We will discuss its application in DWDM topic.

CDM Code division Mux.

It is a mathematical technique.It does not use the physical properties of the signal. Every signal is assigned with a code to identify it.

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