Basic Networking Definitions

Networking Basic Definitions.

Networking basic definitions are very important to understand the concepts in coming videos. Today we are going to discuss some very basic definitions used in the networking field. If you are interested in networking, then it will be very helpful for you to prepare your mind for networking battle.

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It is a set of predefined rules that allow someone to communicate with others.

IP Address.

It is just like your home address. We write IP address in the decimal form and computer understands it in binary form.

Routing Protocol.

Used to define a route in networking cloud.


It is just like a box in which u put your message and send it over the internet.

Packet Switching.

It is a digital networking communication method that groups all transmitted data into suitable block size called packets. Packets are transmitted by a medium that may be a shared or dedicated.


A computer or other devices on TCP/IP network.

Client Computer.

A computer which is using services provided by another computer.

Server Computer.

A computer which provides services to another computer.


It is a type of message sent by a computer to any specific computer.


It is a type of message sent by a computer to some selected computers.


It is a message sent by the computer to all computers in a network.

Network Device.

A device uses to form a network or The Internet.

Collision Domain.

A section of a network connected by shared medium. A collision occurs when more than one device tries to transmit some data at the same time.

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