Optical Fiber


Optical fiber is a type of guided medium to transport information from one point to another point.Information travels in the form of light.Data capacity of fiber is very high due to light nature of the signal.It has some important properties

  • High Bandwidth
  • Highly secure
  • Easy to install
  • Low distortion 
  • No EMI effect

In this video, we will discuss the optical fiber from the scratch level.First, I will discuss some basic concepts and then we will go for its working

Optical fiber explanation in Urdu and Hindi

Transmission media

Transmission media is a path by which information travels from one point to another point.Now It has two main categories

  • Guided media
  • Unguided media

Unguided media

It is a transmission path which can not be touched or seen.

wireless communication, satellite communication, microwave communication are the example of unguided media.

Guided media

It is a transmission path which can be seen and touch.

Fiber optic, twisted pair cable, coaxial cable are the example of guided media.

In this video, we will discuss fiber Optic and its working.

 Optical Fiber working

Optical fiber works on the principle of total internal reflection.To understand its working, we must learn the concept of reflection, refraction and critical angle.I explain these definitions in very detail in this video.

Total Internal Reflection

It is the reflection of light in the same medium when the incident angle is greater than the critical angle.

Optical fiber Types.

It has basically two types

  • Single mode fiber
  • multimode fiber
  • Step Index
  • Graded Index

Single mode fiber

Single light ray can travel through its core.

Multi-mode fiber

Multiple light rays can travel through its core at the same time.

Step index

Its core has one refractive index value.

Graded Index

Its core has multiple refractive index values.


Optical time domain reflectometer.It is used to detect the transmission faults of optical fiber


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