Software is the set of instructions which directs the computer hardware to perform a task is called a program or software.

System Software

System software controls internal functions like data processing, data movement, memory utilization and also control the peripheral and storage devices. It acts as an interface between a computer user,computer hardware and application software.

System Management / Operating System

Operating systems provide a software platform on top of which other programs, called application programs, can run.

  • Provides User interface.
  • Manage system memory.
  • Control access to system resources.
  • Multi Tasking.

Language Translator

language translator converts programming language into 1 and 0 format (machine language).


It is a language translator which translate whole high level language program at once into machine language before it is executed. A compiler can translate only those programs which have been written


It is a language translator which translate high level language program into  machine language during the actual step by step execution.

Application Software

Application software runs on system software to perform any specific task. Word processor, web browser, media player and etc.

Specific Purpose/ User written software

Software developed for a particular customer or organization is known as specific purpose software or customized software. For example, software developed to  maintain students records.

General Purpose/ Ready made

Software developed for a general customer use. For example, software developed office work.

MS -Office

Programming Language

A programming language is a set of commands, instructions, and other syntax in human readable format, use to create a software program. Programmers use this language to write a program for computing device. This program can be compiled into a low-level language, which is recognized directly by the computer hardware.

Source Program

A program Which is written in High level language is called source program.

Object Code

A program Which is translated in low level language is called Object code.


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