Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

Basic Components of Solar System

Load Calculation

03 energy saver (24 watt) 24*3 = 72 watt + 08 = 80 watt

02 Fan (100 watt) 100*2 = 200 + 20 = 220 watt
Load = 220+80 = 300 watt
If u want to use it for 06 hours

300 * 6 = 1800 watt

Solar Cell


High efficiency
Low space
Long Life
Better Performance at low light condition


Less expensive

Solar panel calculation

Average sunlight duration = 07 hours
Total required energy = 1800 watt
1800 / 07 = 257 watt + 128 (50% extra) = 385 = 400 watt panel


Dry Battery

High cost
High performance
No Maintenance

Liquid Battery

Low Cost
Low Performance
Maintenance required

Total energy for 06 hours = 1800 watt

1800/12 = 150 A + 50 = 200 Ah


Use to convert DC to AC
Running Load 300 watt

500 watt inverter is good

Charge Controller

  • Its function to control Solar charging process.
  • It also stop complete battery discharge.

See also: UPS ans Battery Selection.

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15 Responses to "Solar Panel Installation"

  1. sir jee mera aak sawal hai kiya solar penal aur inverter ko battery charging k liye use kar saktey hai aur dc load calculation bhi bata day

  2. Dear Sir, main ne aap ki sare video dakhin hain bahot pasand aain. Main ne 3KV ka solar inverter, 300 watt ki 11 platoon ke sath lagaya he. ye sari plateen series main lagaee hain. Solar Inverter ki spec ye he.
    MPPT Solar Charging Mode
    Inverter model : 3KV
    Max PV array power : 4000w
    Nominal PV voltage : 240 vdc
    PV array MPPT voltage range : 120 ~ 450 vdc
    Max PV array open circuit votage :500 vdc
    Max charging current ( AC charger + solar charger ) : 80 amp
    Sir, Ab mera sawal ye he keh
    1- kia main platoon ke tadad ziada ker sakta hoon.
    2- ziada platoon ko kis terteeb se lagana ho ga.
    jawab agar mere e-mail per de dain to behtar ho ga.

  3. I have a working Homage inverter 1204 with 3 batteries of 85Ah each. I want to install solar panels to charge batteries. What power of solar panel I need? and what Amps Charge controller and what brand you recommend for karachi nazimabad? Also, the angle for panels stand for this location?

  4. Gajendra Prasad Malim · Edit

    Very nice ,insttalation progress is exelent.
    I want made solar cycle with
    BLDC MOTOR 48v 750w please tell me
    How many solar panel using and out 25ah-30ah ?
    What is the minimum size of solar panel ?

  5. Sir bhut achha tha aapka ye video, I request ki aap bde plan k bare me jese 100kw tk k plan k bare me btaye or usk penal k size or kis tipe ki bettery use kre usk bare me btaye, Sir or jo bhi New video launch hoga vo plys share kre mere mail me


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