Ubiquitous computing

Ubiquitous Computing.

This concept is not new but now it is getting famous.It is taking us in the world of automation.Before getting its concept, you need to clear that What is a computer? Here we will discuss the basic definition of the computer.

What is a computer?

A device which takes some input data, manipulate the data as per instructions and produce some result.

Here, the sentence “as per instruction” is very important.It means any device which takes information/signal from the outside world, will perform the work as per instructions by the operator.

What is Ubiquitous computing?

Ubiquitous mean “Present everywhere”.

Computing mean “Use computer”

Computing everywhere for everyone

It is the concept to use computational power for every object around us.It will take us in the world of automation.

How ubiquitous comp?

To implement this Ubiquitous computing concept, we need smart objects.We can convert every ordinary object around(like a bulb, Fan, motor or etc.) us into a smart object.We  just need to integrate these three properties into ordinary objects

  • Sense     (By using sensor devices)
  • Process  (By using advanced electronic circuits)
  • Result     (Results may be in electronic form or in mechanical form by the use of actuators)

Computing Era.

Old age.

When the computer was invented.Initially, the size was very big and the processing ability was very low.Multiple people were using the same computer on sharing basis.

PC age.

about 15 years ago, when every person has one computer.

Ubiquitous Computing era.

It is the present era or coming future.Now, everyone has multiple computers around him.every machine or device is a smart object.

What is next?

Now, what is the destination? The answer is IoT. Ubiquitous computing is taking us towards the world of IoT.I have already discussed the concept of IoT. All devices will be connected to the internet world.Internet of things (IoT) is a concept of automation.

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