UPS and Battery Selection

UPS and Battery Selection

Now our environment is changing, specially in Karachi, the weather is going hotter day by day.Pakistan is facing energy shortage problem due to some of the bad government policies. Loadshedding is a big issue for Pakistani people and UPS is a good solution for this problem.But sometimes it happens, after investment a lot of money on UPS, we have to face the UPS  performance problem.
Today we are going to discuss some common problems and their solutions.We will discuss following problems

  1. Battery charging problem (Slow charging)
  2. Battery overheating
  3. UPS overheating
  4. Backup is not good
  5. Battery faulty



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  1. Sir aap kai ye video nai mere sabi problem sowal kar di muje humesa dar laga rehta thaa ab nahi thanks u very much sir mai aap kai or be video dikhuga

  2. Salam sir kashif here plz tell me AC 1400 watts ko run krnay k lye DC to AC how much expense for example how solar watts n solar investor UPS n battery ampare plz tell me in need to for electric savings purpose load shading no issue n I’m waiting your sweet response tc


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