Wireless Router Configuration

WiFi is a very hot product of our routine life, especially for young generation. WiFi signals are generated by wifi routers installed in our home, offices or shopping malls.We can configure WiFi settings by doing some simple steps.In this video, I will teach you to configure WiFi router or access point.Before this video, watch”What is WiFi“,”What is Computer” and “Basic Networking Definition“.

Today we will discuss following topics.

  • WiFi.
  • Access point.
  • How to apply MAC address filtering.
  • How to apply WiFi password.
  • How to configure SSID.
  • How to configure a router?
    How to configure a wireless router?
    What is IP address?
    What is SSID?
    How to set wifi password?
    how to change wireless wifi password?
    what is access point?
    how to block wifi access?
    how to block a user?
    how to block internet?
    how to change wireless wifi name?
    how to change router name?

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