Network Components

Network Components Network components are essential blocks of network infrastructure. In this video, we will cover following topics. Data. Node. Client. Server. Peer. Network Adapter. Hub. Switch. Router. Protocol. Data rate. Bandwidth. Network. Internet. Intranet. Extranet. Firewall. VPN.

Multiplexing Multiplexing is a technique which allows sending multiple signals over a single data link. In simple words, Sharing of the medium between multiple signals.
WiFi Wireless Fidelity

WiFi Wireless Fidelity. Wireless Fidelity WiFi. Project 802. WiFi benefits. CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA. Working. Evolution. Network Element or Hardware. Architecture. EM Wave properties. Hotspot / Wireless zone. Topology or Operating mode. How to setup WiFi.

Ethernet Introduction Ethernet is the name of LAN standard defined by IEEE 802.3. It was basically introduced as a LAN technology.With the introduction of Gb Ethernet. Now It is MAN and WAN standard. Shared access network technology Link layer technology…
Intelligent Transport System ITS

Intelligent Transport System ITS. An intelligent Transport system is an application of technology. ITS is the integration of communication technology and computation devices. It provides important information, security, safety, and efficiency. It links people, Road, and vehicles.
Line Coding

Line Coding Line coding a technique to convert digital data into a digital signal. In our last video Pulse Code Modulation, we learn that how to convert any analog signal into digital bits.Now if we want to send these bit over…
Ubiquitous computing

Ubiquitous Computing. This concept is not new but now it is getting famous.It is taking us in the world of automation.Before getting its concept, you need to clear that What is a computer? Here we will discuss the basic definition of the computer.
Number system conversion

Number System The number system is a method to count or calculate something.In our daily life, we are using the different type of number system.The most common number system is decimal number system.Some number systems are the octal number system,…