Computer Introduction

A computer is not made for internet browsing or for watching movies. It is an electronic machine that is used to manipulate data.

A device which accepts input data, do some mathematical operations and produce the output. a calculator is a kind of computer. Mobile is a computer. Desktop, laptop, ATM machine and etc.

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Main Parts

Input Devices

It takes input from the outside world or user. mouse, mic, keyboard, scanner are the examples.

Output devices

Which gives the result to the user or outside world. Monitor, printer, plotter, speaker are the examples.

System Unit

System unit SU is the most important part. SU can run without any input and output device. It contains all necessary components to run a computer like,

Computer Language

A Computer understands only binary language. It has only two values 0 or 1.

Operating System

Operating system OS is a software to run a computer. It is just like a driver. It controls the hardware function. There are multiple types of operating systems designed by different companies.

  • Windows.
  • Unix.
  • Linux.
  • Mac.
  • Android.
  • etc.

Application Software

It is also a software. It is made to perform any specific task.

  • Adobe PhotoShop used for photo editing.
  • VLC player used to run movie.
  • Microsoft Office used for office related tasks.
  • etc.

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